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Raven user guide - quick start

Raven is the new University Supercomputer service, replacing the original Merlin system (NOTE: all user accounts should have been migrated onto the new service - if you have trouble accessing Raven please contact arcca: 

The Linux cluster consists of  2048 cores Intel Sandy Bridge processors (2.6GHz / 4GB per core / 8 cores per processor) as the main parallel MPI partition (including a SMP section), with an additional 864 cores Intel Westmere (2.8GHz / 3GB per core / 6 cores per processor) as a serial/high throughput subsystem. Raven is configured with 8+TB of total memory across the entire cluster, with a 50 TB global parallel file storage managed by the Lustre file system and 100TB NFS /home partition for longer term data store.  Nodes are connected with InfiniBand QDR technology (40Gbps / 1.2μsec latency).

Quick start guide to using Raven

Over the next few pages is a very quick guide for those experienced users who just want to understand the basics to get started on the cluster. If you do experience any problems using the cluster, please refer to the more detailed User Guide. If this does not resolve the issue, then please inform the team ( who will respond to your query.

A powerpoint presentation, including worked examples is also available:


This guide covers the following topics:

  1. Logging on to Raven
  2. Setting environment variables
  3. Job Scheduler: PBS Pro (simple script & job submission)
  4. Compilers and MPI wrappers
  5. Filesystems

For further information on the system, please refer to the User Guide.