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Account Request

How to apply for accounts on Raven

In order to obtain access to Raven (ARCCA HPC Cluster), new users must complete a user account request form.   Usage on Raven is controlled by having access to projects and if a new project is required then please complete a project account request form.  Both forms are available in the “Downloads” section of this page.  Please include as much information as possible within the forms to help us understand your requirements.  The following steps are taken to register access to Raven:

  1. If you are a new user then please either:
    a. Complete a project account form along with a new user account.
    b. Get permission to be added to an existing project and supply the project code in the user account form.
  2. If you are an existing Raven user and require access to another project please either:
    a. Complete a new project account form.
    b. Get permission to be added to an existing project and contact us with the details.
  3. Provide the forms either electronically via email or send the forms to us directly .
  4. We will then process the forms and contact you directly with updates on the process.
  5. If you are a new user and access is granted then please follow the “Raven Quick Start Guide

Further guidance

For researchers who require a large amount of CPU or storage resources (in excess of 50,000 CPU hours or 500GB) we would appreciate this being indicated on the application form. In these cases we may request additional information on the project.

Acknowledgements in publications

Please acknowledge ARCCA in all articles that are published which used ARCCA resources - this includes publications in journals, conference proceedings, presentations and posters.  The standard acknowledgement is:

This work was performed using the computational facilities of the Advanced Research Computing @ Cardiff (ARCCA) Division, Cardiff University.

This can be adapted particularly if a specific member of ARCCA staff has supported you in enabling this work to include them by name in this acknowledgement.

We also request Cardiff University researchers to add ARCCA within the “Schools section” when submitting research to ORCA.  This allows us to monitor the research outputs from Raven using a standardised method.


Please find the account forms below:

User account request form  - PDF
Project account Request form - PDF