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ARCCA is proud to work within Cardiff University, one of the foremost organisations within Wales's capital city, and a University which is world-renowned for delivering research, learning and teaching of international distinction and impact.

In this context, ARCCA has a leadership role to play in delivering high quality outcome and outreach activities which will benefit societies and economies locally to globally.

We already have close relationships with several similar organisations in the UK and abroad in providing high-end computing services within academic and other research institutions. For example:

  • ARCCA experts provide purchasing advice to certain UK Universities to enable them to source the best specialist computing equipment for their needs.

  • We are a key source of expertise to, and member of, the UK's Higher Education High Performance Computing Special Interest Group (HPC SIG).

  • ARCCA staff regularly make significant contributions at international conferences on high-end computing and the enablement of research outcomes.

We appreciate that for a partnership to work, both partners must work together on mutual objectives, and each must deliver real tangible benefits to the other. We also know that trust and confidence are key, and we are therefore keen to protect and enhance our reputation as the research computing partner of choice.

To enhance our ability to deliver world-leading research computing services, we seek to build close working relationships with:

  • Comparable research-led institutions

  • Relevant national and international forums and special interest groups

  • Relevant funding bodies and charities

  • Relevant political organisations

  • Other individuals and organisations with whom we can cooperate to achieve mutual benefit.

If you would like to discuss with us how we can help to achieve your objectives, please contact us.