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St Paul's Church in Wales Primary School visit

20 June 2008

Pupils from St Paul's Primary School visit ARCCA.

Following the successful ARCCA launch which featured in the local press (South Wales Echo) earlier this month, a primary school ICT club requested to visit the cluster. Tom Roberts, the ICT Co-ordinator at St Paul's Church in Wales Primary School learnt about the new Supercomputer, Merlin, in the South Wales Echo and contacted ARCCA to arrange a visit.

The ICT club, comprising of a group of 9 year-old girls, visited the Redwood Building on Friday 20th June, ready to learn about the Merlin computer. ARCCA Manager, Christine Kitchen, started the visit by showing the ARCCA launch film clip. This was followed by Professor Martyn Guest, Director of ARCCA, giving a presentation which explained the capabilities of the supercomputer and how it worked, using concepts including a tired elephant and teams of super rats! After a machine room tour by Huw Lynes (ARCCA's System Administrator), the pupils brought out a long list of questions for the ARCCA team, which they managed to answer!

Tom Roberts thanked the ARCCA team for coordinating such an interesting afternoon and said the children were in awe of the computer and saw the future in the machine room.

If any local schools are interested in a similar visit to ARCCA to learn more about the technology, please get in touch and we'd be delighted to arrange a tour.