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High Performance Computing studentships announced

30 April 2012

HPC Wales and Fujitsu are pleased to announce the availability of fully funded PhD and Masters studentships in high performance computing. These are open to all projects that are accepted to use the resources of HPC Wales.

Seven PhD studentships have already been awarded in areas such as offshore tide- and wave-based energy generation, climate change modelling, oil and gas reservoir exploration and genomics.

We are now pleased to announce that a further seven PhD and Masters studentships will be allocated on the basis of competitive calls in May 2012.  Applications must be made by 17:00 on the 31st of May 2012 using the HPC Wales – Fujitsu Studentship Application Form.

Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee composed of representatives from the universities, HPC Wales and Fujitsu, whose decision shall be final.  Guidance on the criteria to be used for evaluation is available in the document HPC Wales – Fujitsu Studentship Application Evaluation Guidance. It is anticipated that approximately 50% of the PhD/Masters studentships will be awarded in areas that are of particular interest to Fujitsu.

For further information and for assistance in completing the application, please contact Cardiff’s HPC Wales Training and Outreach Mentor: Ian Grimstead,, 07850 771289.

Find out more on the HPC Wales website.