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ARCCA: Service Overview and Core Services

ARCCA seeks to grow, and continue to develop, the range of services provided to Cardiff's researchers. This section presents an overview of each core service supported by ARCCA, all of which enable many researchers and staff to conduct their research activities. 

Whilst in many cases, only the 'front end' of the service is visible to users – the Merlin cluster or Condor pool – it should be noted that it would be impossible for these services to continue to run, without the underlying infrastructure and support provided by Information Services e.g. networking, security, etc.

Core services supported by ARCCA

Scale and scope

  •  360 unique users of ARCCA's services.
  •  Merlin system has a computing power equivalent to 2,000 desktop PCs.
  •  ARCCA facilities now used by 18 Schools.
  •  Merlin utilisation consistently at or above 70%, the target figure.
  •  48 registered users of the Condor service.
  •  ARCCA runs one of the 'greenest' HPC clusters in the UK - winning several accolades for its exceptional environmental performance.
  •  ARCCA is playing a leading role in the nationally-important HPC Wales initiative.

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