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ARCCA: Cardiff Research and Innovation Projects

As part of the submission for funding the HPC Wales programme, significant emphasis was placed on the importance of delivering a number of Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) related targets that would engender economic prosperity within Wales. The business proposal submitted to WEFO evidenced research and collaboration opportunities, and summarised possible organizations that may utilise HPC Wales.

As of early July 2011, a number of preliminary workshops have been held at Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, Swansea, and Glamorgan Universities, with further events planned at Swansea and the University of Wales to identify further research projects.



The HPC Wales Project Planning Group at Cardiff

To ensure that Cardiff Researchers are well placed to exploit the forthcoming HPC Wales infrastructure, an HPC Wales Project Planning Group was convened in late 2010 to provide a forum for promoting potential research and innovation projects. This group has now met on three occasions, the 11th and 12th of November 2010, and on the 3rd of February 2011.  To date the group has identified a wide variety of projects for resource provision – both technology and support effort – by HPC Wales.

The current list of projects, with Principal Investigators and collaborating institutions can be found below. As can be seen, there are now some 36 projects in the pipeline. The exact mechanism by which HPC Wales will peer review these projects, and those from other institutions, and at what level, remains to be decided. Suffice it to say that this process will need quantifying shortly, given that the 'go-live' date for the service is currently set for early October 2011.

While some uncertainty over the resource allocation process remains, and just how rigidly the requirement for impact against the associated project deliverables will be upheld - i.e. the WEFO outputs - researchers in Cardiff are encouraged to (i) submit new or additional projects, and (ii) alert other staff members who may be interested. Note that ARCCA staff have example proposal material that can be forwarded to assist with the application process on request.

As part of this review of research enabled by ARCCA, we present an initial summary of a number of proposed research projects that have emerged from the deliberations of the Planning Group.  These projects are likely to feature in the early roll out of the HPC Wales technology. 

Researchers from the projects summarised below are assisting HPC Wales and Fujitsu staff in gathering the requirements for the HPC Wales Scientific Gateways, and defining the initial workflows that will be delivered through Fujitsu's SynfiniWay tool. SynfiniWay will lie at the heart of HPC Wales, providing a complete integrated set of capabilities including: (i) leading workflow technology to orchestrate service execution, (ii) a global meta-scheduler for optimising resource utilisation, and (iii) the robust movement of large-volume data files.

We will continue to update this overview in the months ahead, to incorporate more detail on these and other leading projects from Cardiff researchers, and their progress within HPC Wales.

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HPC Wales - Cardiff University project proposals as of 1st January 2015


Projects Project Title School Researchers
HPCW040Surgical Modelling for Advanced Realistic Training (SMART)EngineeringA Akbari, A Paladim, C Hoang, D Sutula, O Goury, X Peng and Y Ghaffari
HPCW045   Improving hydrocarbon exploration by assimilating seismic dataEarth SciencesD Jenkins, H van Heck, H Davies, I Merrick, J Davey and M Price
HPCW050   Multiscale Hydro-environmental Modelling of Marine Renewable Energy DevicesEngineeringR Ahmadian and S Bray
HPCW054   Testing models of the economyBusinessD Meenagh
HPCW055  The Effects of Tidal Flows on the Performance and Structural Integrity of Marine Current TurbinesEngineeringA Mason-Jones, S Tatum and T O'Doherty
HPCW070  Development of Nano-particles for Catalytic ApplicationsChemistryA Machado, C Lee, C Zeinali, D Willock, L Thomas and S  Wen Hoh
HPCW105  Extreme Weather Events in Wales: Weather Modelling to Flood Inundation ModellingEngineeringM Bray
HPCW106   Computer Simulation of Supported NanoParticle Catalysts for the Production of Chemical Feedstocks from Plant WasteChemistryA Machado, C Lee, C Zeinali, D Willock, L Thomas and S Wen Hoh
HPCW147   Liquid fuel modelling with
EngineeringA Jameel and K Yokoi
HPCW166   Surgical SimulationEngineeringK Bronik
HPCW167   Designing Efficient Routes and Schedules for Public Transport SystemsComputer ScienceM John
HPCW171Increasing the Acceptance of Safety Headwear within the Climbing and Mountaineering Communities through the Use of New & Novel Engineering MaterialsEngineeringP Martin
HPCW184  Microbiological research using HPC to determine the role gut microbes play in host development, health and diseaseBiosciencesA Smith and J Marchesi
HPCW185   The Collaborative Online Social Media Observatory (COSMOS)Computer ScienceP Burnap and O Rana
HPCW210   Exploitation of Maritime Impoundment FacilitiesEarth and Ocean sciencesP Evans


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