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The ARCCA Oversight Group

The ARCCA Oversight Group is the key body that oversees the deployment and on-going support of Advanced Research Computing at the University. Key to the success of ARCCA is a responsive oversight structure that provided clear guidance and focus for the ARCCA team in its mission of supporting the demands from a wide variety of areas of Advanced Research Computing, while ensuring that the value and benefits of the activity are demonstrable to the entire University. In line with these considerations, the governance structure is driven by the ARCCA Oversight Group. Previously this was a sub-group of the Research Committee and has been in place since April 2008.

The Group is chaired by Prof Roger Whitaker, College Dean for Research (College of Physical Sciences and Engineering), with the Director of ARCCA, Martyn Guest, acting as secretary. The Group comprises an 8-10 strong membership, the core of which is drawn from College nominees, and the Director of RIES.

The Group reports to the University's Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the University Executive Board (UEB). 

  1. To provide a strategic focus for the University's Advanced Research Computing activities; 
  2. To ensure that ARCCA is driven by the University's research agenda, advising ARCCA on actions needed to achieve and promote excellence in research; 
  3. To ensure that ARCCA is delivering fully against the University's Strategic direction and "the Way Forward"; 
  4. To oversee the sustainability plan for ARCCA; 
  5. To manage and monitor the day-to-day oversight of ARCCA and its engagement with the research community;  
  6. To provide guidance on the research directions and associated proposals to be supported, and the levels of support that should be delivered to these activities;
  7. To provide advice as to the effectiveness of ARCCA's mandate of research enablement, ensuring that this enablement is delivered, and seen to be delivered, to the University community.

Membership of the Oversight Group

The full list of members is given in the table below.


 Jayne Dowden

Acting Chief Operating Officer

Chair Prof Roger Whitaker

College of Physical Sciences & Engineering

Secretary Dr Christine Kitchen (ARCCA)

Professional Services

ARCCAProf Martyn Guest
Research, Innovation and Enterprise ServicesGeraint Jones
English, Communication and PhilosophyProf Julia Thomas

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Social SciencesDr Matthew Williams
MedicineProf Michael Owen

College of Biomedical & Life Sciences

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical SciencesDr Andrea Brancale
BiosciencesDr Thomas Connor
ChemistryProf Peter Knowles


College of Physical Sciences & Engineering


Computer Science and InformaticsProf David.W.Walker
Earth and Ocean SciencesDr J. Huw Davies
ChemistryDr David Willock
 EngineeringProf Roger Falconer


Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences - Prof Gary Baxter delegated to Dr Andrea Brancale