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Partnership with Information Services

ARCCA works in close partnership with Information Services Directorate (INSRV) on relevant areas to deliver maximum value to Cardiff University. However, ARCCA is a separate division within the University, with a its own distinctive Mission and Objectives, team and governance structure.

ARCCA and INSRV work together to provide joined-up support across a huge range of research, teaching and administrative needs. In addition, by working with INSRV and sharing certain key support services (including HR, finance and other administrative support) ARCCA is able to commit the maximum of its resources towards enabling and supporting e-research where it matters, and avoids duplicated effort.

To ensure close alignment of strategy, priorities and services, the Director of ARCCA reports to the Director of Information Services and sits on the Information Services Management Board. The strategic plan of ARCCA will be aligned with, complementary to, and also an integral component of, the Information Services strategy.

It is also essential that ARCCA works very closely with all of the academic schools and relevant administrative directorates, to ensure it delivers the services the University needs to achieve its objectives.