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Mission Statement

Legs Simulation

'To create a step- change in the treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of arthritis via interdisciplinary research investigating relationships between mechanical loading, joint function, pain and inflammation.'

Scientific Objectives:

  • Define how human joint function changes with age, exercise, disease and physiotherapy.
  • Quantify forces within normal and diseased human joints.
  • Provide clinical tools to quantify changes in human joint function for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Identify biomarkers signifying abnormal joint loading, joint degeneration and repair.
  • Identify mechanically regulated therapeutic targets for arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Identify pain indicators that correspond to joint loading.
  • Identify therapies that target pain, pathology and inflammation in arthritis.
  • Model processes that cause cements to crack and prostheses to fail.
  • Improve cements and coatings to resist failure, enhance osseointegration and reduce infection.
  • Identify factors that influence recovery and dysfunction to inform rehabilitation.