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Arthritis Research UK Biomechanics and Bioengineering Centre at Cardiff

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Arthritis Research UK has selected Cardiff University to become its prestigious UK Centre of excellence in biomechanics and bioengineering. Arthritis Research UK and Cardiff University are committing £10M to apply cutting-edge expertise in engineering, bioscience, genetics and imaging to arthritis research in this new Centre. New staff and PhD positions are available. The centre actively promotes interdisciplinary training using PhD and Discipline Hopping schemes, interdisciplinary workshops and meetings.


The Centre is driving interdisciplinary studies across a team of internationally recognised researchers and clinicians to improve patient care. The team applies a ‘molecule to man’ approach to investigate normal joint biomechanics and determine how this is influenced by pathology to inform clinical intervention and rehabilitation in musculoskeletal disorders. Cardiff University research strengths in biomechanics, bioengineering, mechanotransduction, pain and inflammation are being used to define, identify and target mechanical mechanisms underlying joint disease.

The new centre involves close collaboration between biomedical scientists, engineers, orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists and physiotherapists to translate research to patient benefit in the clinic.

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