Global alumni

From Finland to Fiji, Colombia to China, our international alumni call more than 190 countries home.

Golden gate bridge in San Francisco

Where do they live?

Here's a snapshot of our 155,000-strong global alumni community:

  • 75,098 live in Wales
  • 4,274 reside in China
  • 3,674 are located in India
  • 1,647 call the USA home
  • 725 reside in Australia
  • 18 have settled in Peru
  • 1 lives in Gozo

Age and gender breakdown

Overall, Cardiff has a 50/50 gender split, with women accounting for a higher percentage of the alumni population since the turn of the millennium.

When it comes to our alumni in their 20s:

  • 41% are male
  • 59% are female

Alumni in their 50s:

  • 58% are male
  • 42% are female

And our alumni in their 90s:

  • 76% are male
  • 24% are female