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The following page offer a series of resources with advice on the various options of accommodation in Cardiff. They also gives you an idea of the typical costs of renting in Cardiff, and hopefully provide useful tips on what to look out for when finding accommodation.

Common Housing Issues

The Advice and Guidance service receives a large number of accommodation queries throughout the year from prospective and current students.  The most common questions we get asked are; How do I find university or private accommodation? When should I start looking? What are my rights? How do I get my bond back? How can I get released from my contract?

There are a lot of things to think about and plan to ensure that your home for the next 9 months is a comfortable and enjoyable one.  The following FAQ factsheets can offer further information to those common questions:


Council Tax

Council Tax exemption can be a complex subject, please see the FAQ factsheet for exemption criteria:

Council Tax [134.8 Kb]