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Funding for Healthcare related courses inc. Medicine and Dentistry

Image of verious healthcare professionals

This page provides information on funding for all healthcare related courses at Cardiff University that lead to registration in the respective health care profession. 

If you are not studying a healthcare related course and want information on undergraduate funding please go to our Undergraduate Funding page

The funding guides below are specifically for healthcare related courses at Cardiff University and for Home UK students.  If you are a non UK EU student you would normally be eligible for tuition fees support only.  If you have been resident in the UK for 3 years prior to starting a course here you may be eligible to apply for full funding.  If you have any doubts or queries about your eligibility for funding we recommend that you contact us at the Student Support Centre.


All NHS funded courses

The following funding guide is applicable if you are studying Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Radiography, Radiotherapy & Oncology, Occupational Therapy, Dental Therapy and/or Hygiene.  Operating Department Practice students on the 2 Year Diploma scheme are currently funded via a NHS Training Salary and support for tuition fees but this may change in future years so please keep checking these web pages for updates for 2014 entry.



Medicine and Dentistry

Please refer to the funding guide below that is applicable to your route of entry: 



Dental Nursing

The Dental Nursing course that started in September 2013 is full-time over 1 year..  The course starting in September 2014 will be Part-time over 2 years.  Please note that the tuition fees for the part-time course may be subject to change, please check with the course provider for confirmation of the fees to be charged.



Part-time BSc Occupational Therapy

If you are allocated a NHS Funded place then funding is the same as for full-time NHS Funded study (See our funding guide for NHS Funding for full-time new entrants) but funding is capped at 75% of the full-time rates and household income, including any income you have as a student such as part-time earnings, would usually reduce funding pound for pound.  Additionally, there is no entitlement to the Student Loan.  If you are allocated a non NHS Funded place then funding is the same as for Part-time student funding via Student Finance, please refer to Student Finance Wales or Student Finance England as appropriate for further information.  If you have any queries about funding for this course please contact us at the Student Support Centre. 


All NHS Funded Students with children, a spouse or partner

If you have dependant children or an adult who is financially dependant on you, the following factsheets might be of interest to you:

Pregnancy [131.1 Kb]


Pharmacology, Optometry and Pharmacy

Pharmacology, Optometry and Pharmacy are funded via the Student Loans system so our Undergraduate Funding page would be applicable for these courses


Previous Study

Previous study in Higher Education, including the completion of a first degree, does not currently affect eligibility to apply for NHS funding. However, if you are offered a non NHS funded place on your course, your eligibility for funding via the Student Loans system is affected by previous study. Further information can be found on in the following FAQ factsheet:  


Emergency Loan

An Emergency Loan from University Funds may be able to help when something unforeseen has happened (eg your funding is late) and you when you cannot get financial help from any other source. Please read the FAQ factsheet below for further information:

Emergency Loans [130.7 Kb]


If you are looking for additional funding or in unexpected financial difficulties, you may like to look at our information on the Financial Support webpages


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