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Other Support

Allensbank House


Cardiff University offers 12 month accommodation in the 1st year for students from care, if they require it. The university will try to ensure that the type of accommodation is appropriate to your needs, especially if you have been used to more independent living prior to joining Cardiff University. Information on our halls of residence can be found on our website at If you would like to discuss the option of 12 month accommodation, please contact the mentor for care leavers Einir Evans.

Students tend to move into private accommodation after the 1st year. We can provide advice and information for you on finding private accommodation. Should you have any housing issues once you are in private accommodation, advice and support is also available. Contact Einir Evans the mentor for care leaver for further information. 

Further information on housing



Academic Related Issues

Every student studying at undergraduate level will be allocated a personal tutor. Should you have any issues regarding your course, your first point of contact should be your personal tutor. However if you would like to discuss academic issues such as your options if you think you are not on the right course, if you are considering taking an interruption in your studies, you want to discuss issues following your results such as appealing or you might be going through academic procedures such as Fitness to Practice or Unfair Practice, the Student Support Centre can help you. You can access these services by contacting Einir Evans the mentor for care leaver.

Further information on Academic Related Issues



Starting university is a life changing event for any student that sometimes poses unexpected challenges.  It is not unusual for instance for Freshers to experience problems settling in and making new friends.  Sometimes it is the first opportunity that a young person feels safe enough to begin talking about difficult or traumatic experiences during childhood.  All university students have to get used to being independent, taking responsibility, managing hopes, fears and relationships and the stress that can create.  Some students find that they need temporary help and support during these transitions.  For young people leaving care there might be additional challenges particularly if they have no external support.  Recent research revealed that worries about shortage of money, fear of debt, isolation, upsets in birth or foster family and lack of emotional support are common amongst young people coming to university from care.  The University Counselling Service provides a safe space to talk for any student who is finding that their emotional or psychological concerns are affecting their studies and life in general.  Our team of professional counsellors provide relevant support through our brief therapy service, our workshop programme or through online and other resources.  

Further information on the University Counselling Service


Disability and Dyslexia Service

The Disability and Dyslexia Team at Cardiff University provides confidential advice and support for students who are disabled or who have a specific learning difficulty (dyslexia) or long term medical condition. The team work closely with academic schools and other support providers to provide appropriate and accessible support for disabled students.

Further information on the Disability and Dyslexia Service