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Academic Issues


The Advice and Money Team provide advice and information to students on academic related issues and student funding. 


We would also advise you to refer to the         

 Cardiff University Academic Regulations



Extenuating Circumstances

Students may occasionally experience personal circumstances, such as illness, bereavement etc, which can seriously disrupt their ability to study and/or affect performance in an assessment or an examination. At Cardiff University, we refer to this as Extenuating Circumstances. It is important that you report your extenuating circumstances at the time they occur and before the school deadline.

Further information on extenuating circumstances, including the form to report them, can be found on the Extenuating Circumstances webpages


Thinking of taking time out of your course?

The process for applying for an authorised absence of more than 10 consecutive study days is called an Interruption of Study


Uncertain whether you are on the right course?

If you are uncertain whether you are on the right course, there are options available to you. We would recommend that you come in and speak to an Advice and Money Team to discuss these options. The options available can include:

All these options have financial implications for your student funding and the Advice and Money Team can advise you on these.


Have you received your results and unsure what it all means?

When you receive your results from the University it will include a transcript that tells you if you have passed your modules or not. Some students are required to repeat some of their modules, this could be an Internal Repeat or an External Repeat


If you want to challenge your results, the University does have an Appeal and Verification process to allow you to do so, under specific grounds. For further information, please see the Academic Appeals webpages


If you can't find all the help you need on these web pages it may be that you need to discuss your circumstances with an advisor, feel free to contact the Advice and Money Team.