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Meet the Mentors

Across Cardiff University we have dedicated students volunteering to assist other students in their transition to university and helping them get the most out of their time here. In 2014-15 we will have over 200 Student Mentors forming a Mentoring Community to enhance life at university. Here are some of them.


Donya Ghorbani

Hi, I am studying Dentistry and can say who only someone that has been through first year can truly understand and empathise with the demands of the course and to share a little wisdom about how to go about it all. The mentoring scheme not only allows older students to help those settling in with any problems they may be experiencing such as salads catching on fire, student accommodation overrun with spiders or the academic side of things but also allowing such older students to reflect and build upon their own student experience which for me was an absolute pleasure and blessing.


Shazia Parveen

Hi! I’m Shazia and I am currently a 3rd year Dental student at Cardiff University.

Mentoring to me has always been a way in which I can help students around me settle into a completely different environment without feeling isolated. I want to use the experience that I've gained through mentoring and tutoring during university as well as outside it to help as many students as I can with not only their academics but any other worrying social aspects of university life!

In our mentoring society we cover absolutely anything from improving revision skills to advice on moving out and so if there's anything you're ever unsure about and want to ask feel free to approach me and I will do my best to help you!


Sonam Sanghavi

Hi, my name is Sonam and I am a Dental Student. This scheme is very enjoyable and encourages students to interact across all the year groups. I want first year students to enjoy their time here and this allows me to help with this. Coming to uni can be daunting especially with the Dental school as students are in the Heath Hospital as well as being a student. This scheme helps prepare first years and makes life a little easier.


Ashni Adatia

Hi!  I’m Ashni and I’m studying Dentistry.  I believe the mentor scheme is an invaluable scheme for first year students to have support as they transition into university. This year I have enjoyed being a mentor and being someone to turn to when mentees need a friend, being able to give advice having been through similar experiences and help with any specific or personal issues.  This is a friendly society where we will try our best to support you in any way we can!


Gemma Coates

My name is Gemma and I am a third year Education (BPS Route) student in the School of Social Sciences.  This is my second year of being a mentor.  I wanted to be a mentor because coming to university was a daunting experience for me personally, having never been away from home for long.  I would have appreciated having a student there to ask for advice and about Cardiff in general.  It has been really exciting being a mentor, I have learnt a lot myself about Cardiff uni and I have met some wonderful people.  Uni is such a great experience and I believe that the mentoring scheme can help students enjoy it from the moment they arrive, having a support network to help with the transition and the scary times.  Feel free to send me an email and ask me anything!


Matt Blackburn-Smith

Hi, my name is Matt and I'm currently a third year 'Business Management with Integrated Placement' student.  I chose to become a mentor in my second year to give back to the University and to share my knowledge to new first years adjusting to their new uni lifestyle.  Being a mentor has been a really rewarding experience and enriched my own university experience.


Megan Healy

Hi, I’m Meg and I am in my final year studying History and Archaeology.  Starting out at university is new and exciting, but it can also be daunting.  I believe that the mentor scheme provides new students with a valuable contact and even a friend.  The schemes allows students to use their experiences of halls, societies, placements, nightlife and more to make the transition from home to university an enjoyable and smooth one.


Christian Webb

Shwmae?! My name is Christian and I’m now going into my second year (gulp!), studying History at Cardiff University.

I am greatly indebted to those who offered me advice, support and guidance throughout my first year, as I didn’t before comprehend all the new and different elements of University life before arriving last September.  From academic support to laundry and from extenuating circumstances to eating out, I have fortunately gained a wealth of experiences and knowledge from many different people which has been fundamental to my studies here at Cardiff.  As a Student Mentor I hope to shed some light on the darker patches of University life, be it academic or social, in order to make your time at Cardiff University more enjoyable and more rewarding.  You’ll often find me in the Arts and Social Studies Library (that’s ASSL - probably my first bit of mentoring info!), so if you see me please don’t feel afraid to say hello!


Zuzanna Stone

I'm Zuza and I'm currently in the 3rd year of a Civil Engineering degree.  I got involved with mentoring this year and it has turned into such a wonderful experience.  As a mentor, I was assigned a group of exchange students from Brazil.  We instantly became great friends and through them I was introduce to beautiful Brazilian culture, because they were so welcoming and eager to share that culture with me!  I really enjoyed mentoring and I believe I helped my mentees enrich their exchange experience, which was so wonderfully rewarding.  I am looking forward to meeting new mentors and mentees next year.  The scheme is so much more than just a support service - it is an adventure and an incredible opportunity to make friends for life.


Amena Hasan

Hello! My name is Amena and I am currently in my third year of Mechanical Engineering.  Being a mentor allows me to ensure I can provide any needed support to new students.  I often remember how nervous I was when I first arrived at Cardiff University and I would have loved to have a mentor to guide me and answer any of my questions which I was too shy to ask.  Being a mentor allows me to ensure any student who felt as nervous as I did in my first year is aware that there is always someone to guide you.  I look very forward to meeting you and doing all I can to ensure your time at Cardiff is excellent.    


Harriet Clarke

Hi, I’m Harriet and I am currently in my second year studying Business Information Systems.  This is the first year that COMSC has been involved in the mentor scheme, and when I found out about the experience, I knew that it would be a great opportunity to help and support first years to settle in at Cardiff University.  As a student mentor I hope to support my mentees by sharing my own knowledge and experiences of how first year can be.  First year can be very daunting for some students, so I would like to be there for the students when they have any worries or need advice, as I believe that university should be an enjoyable experience for all students.