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Who can be a Mentor?

To be a Mentor you must be a continuing undergraduate student from one of the participating schools.

My School is not involved, what can I do?

As the Mentor Scheme is still relatively recent to Cardiff University not all schools have had the opportunity to take part in it. There are ongoing discussions with many schools so keep checking this web page to see if your school will be the next to join up!

What sorts of things can I discuss with my Mentor?

Mentees are encouraged to discuss anything that they are unsure of. This may range from how to use the library, living in halls, referencing, homesickness to money worries. It may be that your Mentor is not able to answer all of your queries but they will know where you can get the appropriate advice from the best people. The mentor group is a good source for problem solving and thrashing out solutions to queries and for meeting people from your course.

Will I get paid if I am a Mentor?

The scheme operates on a voluntary basis but Mentor Consultants are paid.

How much time is involved?

Mentors spend one hour a week with their mentees and approximately another hour completing administrative tasks, so usually no more than two hours per week.

Why should I bother being a Mentor?

In a competitive job market being a Mentor is a clear way to build essential employability skills, enhance your CV and give you the confidence to compete at interviews.

I am a first year student, can I have a Mentor?

Currently you must be enrolled in one of the participating schools to be assigned a Mentor but please email for further information.

I am a member of staff and would like to know more about the Student Mentor Scheme.

We welcome all enquiries and would gladly meet you in person to discuss your interest. Please email to arrange an appointment.