We aim to bring about social, environmental, economic and health benefits not only to Wales but to the wider world.

Cardiff University is independently audited and certified to the ISO 14001 international standard, based on an effective environmental management system, characterised by continual improvement.

Our commitment to sustainable development is reflected in our strategic direction, which includes environmental and social sustainability as one of our enabling strategies:

A more sustainable university

A more sustainable university

4 June 2018

Our environmental sustainability enabling strategy shows our commitment to leadership in sustainability and improving our environmental performance.


The sustainable development of the University is one of the responsibilities of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor. We work closely with our nominated trade union green representatives and student representatives in all our university committees. Student and trade union representatives are involved in development and consultation of all our sustainability-related policies.

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Sustainable development research is a key strength across a wide range of our subject areas.

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We play a key role in educating future generations of people within Wales, the UK, and globally.

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We pursue sustainable development in our engagement with external stakeholders and in our internal operations.

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We are working to increase our efficiencies of water and energy usage, recycling, green procurement, campus maintenance, and biodiversity.


If you have questions or would like further information about sustainability in the University, please get in touch:

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