Capital developments

We are transforming our built environment to support a shift in our research, innovation, translational and educational activities. 

Work on the new Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC), to replace our current facility, is the first milestone in our ambitious research and innovation capital development plan. CUBRIC will be a state-of-the-art brain research imaging centre that will become one of Europe's flagship facilities.

A further c£300M investment in four new buildings is planned and earmarked for the Maindy Road site, transforming an area of the capital from a disused, former industrial space into a range of state-of-the-art facilities. 

We are committed to developing existing and new spaces across all our campuses to create an environment that supports and inspires innovation and fosters engagement with business, government, the voluntary sector and civic society.

The Social Science Research Park (SPARK)

We aim to build the world's first Social Science Research Park to translate world-leading research into innovative and effective solutions to pressing, global, societal problems.

SPARK will act as a magnet for national and international research leaders, increasing capacity for postgraduate research opportunities and fostering a collaborative learning and working environment for creating, sharing and applying new knowledge.

The planned c8,900m2 building will:

  • bring together existing centres of research excellence to work alongside other disciplines, businesses and the third sector to generate new ideas which are tested and evaluated over time and in situ
  • establish the University, the City and Wales as international leaders in the design, development and delivery of innovative, impactful, evidence-based social science research
  • strengthen the Welsh economy through increasing the role of R&D, boosting entrepreneurship and innovation across all sectors, and creating new employment opportunities in the private and third sectors.

The Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre will offer start-up companies high quality, affordable space, advice and support on flexible terms so that their companies can grow and become independent.

University spin-outs, staff and graduate entrepreneurs or local people with bright business ideas will all be able to access the Innovation Centre and benefit from its demanding, yet supportive entrepreneurial environment.   

The proposed c8,730m2  centre will 

  • span the full breadth of innovation activities across all sectors
  • provide opportunities for students to embrace the innovation and enterprise culture as part of their educational experience
  • house enterprise initiatives, events and workshops to showcase the inspirational, enterprising students and staff from across the University
  • offer our partners and collaborators the opportunity to co-locate with our researchers whilst developing their projects
  • facilitate inward investment in the City region by providing a 'landing' space for businesses whilst they explore opportunities in the area and look for suitable long-term premises
  • stimulate, support and exploit University research, raising the profile of the University, city and wider city-region internationally as a location for successful technology innovation.

The Translational Research Facility

The Translational Research Facility will be a multidisciplinary research facility that will support the translation of excellent academic research and maximise opportunities for industry engagement.

The planned c10,540m2 facility will 

  • comprise laboratory and office space and will create a critical mass of researchers with a strong track record in translational research
  • position Cardiff as a leading UK centre for activity of this kind
  • enrich the academic environment through innovative research
  • allow development of enhanced training opportunities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The Research Institute for Compound Semiconductor Technology

Compound Semiconductor Technology has underpinned the operation of the internet and enabled emerging megatrends such as:

  • Smart Phone and Tablet usage
  • satellite communications/GPS
  • Direct Broadcast TV
  • efficient solar power generation
  • advanced healthcare
  • ground-breaking biotechnology.

Our proposed Research Institute for Compound Semiconductor Technology will be a unique facility in the United Kingdom to demonstrate and test the technology in realistic environments.

It will provide cutting-edge facilities that allow for greater engagement with industry and excellent research and development to strongly position Cardiff to become the UK and European leader in translational research in this area.