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My Cardiff

Glenys Kinnock

Glenys Kinnock graduated from the University in 1966 and is now a Member of the European Parliament.

Glenys Kinnock

Glenys Kinnock

Travelling all the way to university in Cardiff from my family home Holyhead (changing in Chester, Crewe and Hereford) was an experience in itself.

The 'big city' did not, however, disappoint and I immediately dived into student politics - joining the Socialist Society in ‘freshers’ week.

As fate would have it, the Chair of the society was one Neil Kinnock, and I can fairly say that from that point on we never looked back.

My one regret is that I didn't study hard while at Cardiff. That said, I don't regret having had a wonderful four years, which included campaigning for Jim Callaghan in the 1964 and 1966 elections, and many memorable nights in the newly-opened 'Dumfries Place' student bar!

Glenys Kinnock is a Member of the European Parliament's Development and Co-operation Committee. Glenys married Neil Kinnock, now Lord Kinnock of Bedwellty, in 1967 and they have two children and four grandchildren.

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