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My Cardiff

First Minister Rhodri Morgan

First Minister Rhodri Morgan reveals his family connections to Cardiff University…

David and Eileen in white tie and tails and ballgown

First Minister Rhodri Morgan

Cardiff University means a lot to me. It may indeed be that I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Cardiff University.  My father T J Morgan got his first job, his very first proper job in 1929 as an Assistant Lecturer in the Welsh Department.  Without having that job, would he have been able to marry my mother in 1935, thus enabling my brother Prys to be born in 1937 and me in 1939?  I don’t know, because times were so tough in Wales in those hungry thirties.

My father got himself transferred to the Ministry of Labour during the war due to the lack of students but returned to the University in 1945.  He always entertained the Honours Class in their final year to our house in Radyr.  I would love handing out the Welsh cakes and the Bara Brith and the rationed tinned salmon sandwiches to the Honours students - I still see some of them now, most notably Brinley Jones, President of the National Library for Wales.

A big treat for my brother and me was to go to the Noson Lawen of the Welsh Department students - it was my first introduction to jokes and sketches.  I still remember some of the turns now, but I only use the jokes I first heard in the 1940’s very sparingly – Honest!

Rhodri Morgan is the First Minister for Wales and the Assembly Member for Cardiff West.

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