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My Cardiff

Jonny Cox

Jonny Cox President of the Studentsí Union in 2007/2008 writes about how life as an undergraduate inspired him to seek election as President…

Jonny Cox

Jonny Cox

I came to Cardiff in 2004 to study business administration at undergraduate level. I graduated in 2007, and was elected as Studentsí Union President for the year 2007-2008.

I came to Cardiff because I loved the city when I first visited. The University offered me everything I wanted, and I knew that I had to study here no matter what!

I really enjoyed student life in Cardiff as there is so much to offer. Although Cardiff is a capital city, it is quite a small city, so you can get from one side to the other in half an hours walking, and it has all the amenities you would expect from a capital city.

One of the memories that really sticks-out from my undergraduate years is getting up early one morning for a 9.00am lecture. It had been snowing all night, and walking through the campus everything was covered in snow. I think some of the buildings at the University are beautiful and in the snow they just looked amazing.

As a student I played lots of sport - I played rugby and American football, and got really involved in the business society. I did lots of activities and thatís why I am so happy being Studentsí Union President now, because I can make sure other students have the same experience that I did.

Being Studentsí Union President is such an exciting job and Cardiff students have so many talents! There are nearly 130 societies and 60 sports clubs catering for all kinds of interests. With so many students coming in and out of the Union and doing things that they enjoy it creates a really good environment and the atmosphere is vibrant and dynamic. Thereís always someone around to talk to!

Being a student I learned a lot. At times it can be hard, at times it is the best time of your life. Cardiff is a really exciting, diverse and ambitious University to be a part of. Iím privileged to be here, and in post as president for the 125th anniversary celebrations. I wish Cardiff a happy birthday and all the best!

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