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My Cardiff

Gwyneth Stroud

Graduate Gwyneth Stroud reveals the way her life has been shaped by the University…

Gwyneth Stroud

Gwyneth Stroud

I came to Cardiff in 1980 from a quiet corner of North Wales to study English. Disappointed at not having achieved my first choice of university - Liverpool - I gradually came to terms with my situation. But what a fortuitous move that was, as I was to meet my future husband on my English course. We got together at the end of our first year, and I'm delighted and relieved to report that we're still together, 27 years later.

Our most vivid memory of our time in Cardiff is visiting the castle in 1982 to see Pope John Paul II. So many people to see just one man. But fascinating nonetheless and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for two 19-year-olds. And of course we both remember the 100 years celebrations in 1983, the year of our graduation.

I remember proudly showing our parents around the exhibition in the old university building - and we both bought matching paperweights - aah! I still have mine, but I'm not sure what happened to my husband Andy's.

So there you have it - a couple still together after 27 years, the Pope's visit, and the 100 year commemorative paperweight. I'm proud of them all.

We still live in Cardiff. Interestingly, our career paths are in theory quite different. I pursued a career in marketing and pr, and currently work at Wales Management Council on Cathedral Road. Andy originally taught English at the Royal College of Music and Drama, and also gave seminars to overseas summer students, and led seminars within the University itself. He later switched career totally and ventured into IT and we have found that our careers have somewhat dovetailed.

My marketing role encompasses much web work, and Andy's web design involves a lot of copywriting. We are a decent match both as a couple and professionally now!

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