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My Cardiff

David Jones

Cardiff Law School graduate David Jones relives his first days at Cardiff University and reveals the lifelong friendships he forged.

David Jones

David Jones

My Cardiff University life began in the Summer of 2000 - when Cathy Cobley (who was in charge of admissions for law) gave me a chance to prove myself at the University despite my having messed up my A-Levels by not getting enough UCAS points to guarantee my place to study.

I arrived at University Hall in September 2000, slightly in awe of the whole university concept. I had had a difficult few years prior to university, for various personal reasons and was looking forward to starting afresh someplace new. Upon arriving at my halls of residence, my anxiety lasted all of 2 hours - until I met the first of my flat-mates, Alex. I immediately felt I belonged.

In the second year not even a dodgy flat on Richmond Road could dampen my enthusiasm for University life and then my final year was, perversely, the most enjoyable of my Undergraduate years, living on Woodville Road and frequenting the legendary Woodville pub.

I enjoyed the experience so much I stayed on to attend the University's Law School, where I successfully completed the Legal Practice Course.

I am now living in Chelsea with two of my former University flat-mates - the legend lives on!

It is to Cardiff University - and in particular to Cathy Cobley, Ron (our cleaner at University Hall), Anthony Rogers (Personal Tutor during my Undergraduate years), Paul Robertshaw, Julie Townsend, Phil Fennell, Richard James, Robert Lynn, Claire Shelton, David Dixon, Pat Brand, Julie Price, Ceri Hughes and everyone else who helped me during my legal studies (along with all the friends I made along the way) - that I owe a huge debt of thanks for allowing me to start the path which culminated in me qualifying as a Solicitor in Autumn last year.

Cardiff - both the University and the city - will always have a fond place in my heart.

David Jones graduated from Cardiff Law School in 2004. After taking a year out to travel, David qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and is currently working at a law firm in London.

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