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My Cardiff

Sara Parkin

Sara Parkin recalls the graduates she joined when she received her honorary fellowship from the University…

Sara Parkin

Sara Parkin OBE

I was honoured to receive my honorary fellowship on the same day as students graduating from three disciplines at Cardiff so important to understanding the world we live in.

I joined students from the School of Biosciences, central to helping us to work out how we might live within the biological limits of the earth

Also the School of Computer Science which helps us work out new ways to calculate and crunch numbers that extend our creative capacity.

And the School of Maths, another discipline that gives us means to better calculate and solve problems – especially when used in partnership with engineering –at the heart of historical change for a very long time.

I know that Cardiff encourages collaboration between disciplines and it is through collaboration that graduates in computer and physical and biological sciences with engineering can help us solve some of the biggest challenges we face.

I have spent 40 years campaigning for a more sustainable path for human progress. Signals from the earth, not least its weather, highlight the urgency for action.

It is, in effect, the new industrial revolution that has to take place, and it was an honour to graduate alongside so many students that will be at the heart of that.

Cardiff is a great university, and I wish you a Happy 125th Birthday!

Ms Sara Parkin OBE is a Founder Director and Trustee of Forum for the Future, the leading UK sustainable development charity. She works across a range of issues, with a main focus on integrating sustainability into post-school education, engineering and other professions.

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