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My Cardiff

Nathan Cleverly

Nathan Cleverly, recently crowned the Light Heavyweight Commonwealth Boxing Champion is also currently a 3rd Year student studying for his Mathematics Degree.

Nathan Cleverly

Nathan Cleverly with his belt outside the School of Mathematics

I first started boxing at the young age of 11. I have always been a naturally competitive person and I found myself getting involved in a few fights on street corners. Realising that this would get me nowhere, I decided to focus that energy in a controlled environment which was the local boxing gym. From then on, boxing has become a major passion in my life. My amateur record consists of 36 fights, winning 32 of them and I decided to turn to professional boxing after my 18th birthday. At the same time I was also doing very well in my studies; achieving good A-Level results of AAB. I thrive on a challenge, whether it is in sport or studies and so I decided to go to University to study Mathematics. I thought that this would provide me with a solid foundation for the future, if for any reason my boxing ambition of World Champion didnít go to plan.

I first came to Cardiff University in 2005 and my first experience as a University student was the open, social atmosphere amongst the students and the new friendships I have built with different people. It was also the first time I lived on my own in the student halls at Talybont North and so it was a mild introduction to life in the real world!

Whilst attending lectures and exams with a regular training and fighting schedule can be difficult to keep up with, I find the work itself challenging and its been the most enjoyable period in my life to date, even if my student nights out are fairly limited. My lecturers and tutors at the School of Mathematics have been very understanding and flexible especially when I have had to miss lectures: itís especially good to see that they are now following my boxing career very closely.

Outside of the class room my "Pro" career has gone from strength to strength, and of my thirteen fights, I have had thirteen wins, with 3 knockouts!! I have recently been titled the Light Heavyweight Commonwealth Boxing Champion and I hope to become World Champion within boxing someday.

Cardiff University has an excellent reputation and a long tradition of producing top results! It is certainly one of the top universities in Britain. Congratulations on the 125th anniversary. It will be good to look back in years to come and say I was a part of Cardiff University.

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